Setbacks and Steps Forward

In the past couple of weeks, Ames and I have had some pretty interesting job-related experiences.

Ames got passed over for a promotion that she totally deserved, because she was honest with them about our moving to Seattle in January (Even though they knew that she was planning to transfer with the company to a store out there) … Jerks… After dealing with the initial shock, she has found a new excitment for all the possibilities that await with our move!  She’s applying for jobs and exploring new options and ideas.

Personally, I’ve been dealing with discouragement about my own progress toward saving and job searching out there.  Last Wednesday, I had a really panicky day and after stressing out for a bit, I sent two emails and made a phone call.   The emails were to people in Seattle whom I had made contact with previously about possible jobs/freelance work.  The phone call was about a part time job here in Kansas City to help save money for the move (for which I’d already applied and interviewed).  I got two reply emails back that day.  Both positive! 

I was feeling so good that, on Thursday, I emailed one more person at a wonderful little umbrella shop in Seattle.  I was upbeat and enthusiastic in my email, and she wrote me back the same day!  I also got a return phone call from the part-time place offering me a job!

So… After one day of angst (honestly, claustrophobic freaking out…), with 3 emails sent and 1 phone call… I got 3 job interviews in Seattle, 1 freelance design gig (for one of the Seattle companies), and 1 part-time job.

I don’t know about you, but it looks to me like I just need to shut up and keep putting one foot in front of the other, because Somebody out there has got things under control… 

What’s the moral of this story? 

Don’t sell yourself short.


Every little step moves you forward.

I saw a rainbow on my way in to work this morning (not this particular one)… I think it’s a sign.



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2 responses to “Setbacks and Steps Forward

  1. spasticnontastic


  2. It is amazing how something negative (be it my suddenly bad job situation or your panicky freak-out day) could so quickly be turned around into a plethora of positives.

    We should both be freaking out right now, and yet, every little blip turns into a blessing. It feels good to have something you want become so much closer to something you’ll get.

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