Wandering on a Sunday…

What does a newly converted Seattlite do on a Sunday? She goes downtown to hang out of course. It’s touristy, and it’s bustly, but it’s fun!

I took the link from the hotel (which is near the airport) into the city.  The train fills up pretty quickly you hit the various stations along the way, so you end up sitting next to various people as they hop on and off.  Today, I was sitting by the window, and a nice man came and sat down beside me.  As we headed into the city, I discovered that he likes football (the Cowboys specifically) and he’s from Virginia (I can’t remember where exactly).  He said I have an accent (I don’t think I have an accent…), and he could tell that I wasn’t from here.  He also said that people on the West Coast don’t say hi to you.  I could see that this would be a problem for him, since he was kind of chatty.  He said he’d lived in California and Seattle, and people just don’t say hi.  A shame really… We parted ways at Westlake station.  He wished me a nice day.  I returned the farewell and made my way to Pike Place Market.

First view of the market as a resident!

My new job is at the Pike Place Starbucks.  It’s the original store location, and it’s a lot smaller than I thought it would be.  I don’t know why I thought it would be big.  All the shops in the market are small.  I met my new boss, who seemed very cool, and a couple of my new co-workers. (At Starbucks we are called “partners”. I like this.)

A smidge blurry, but I'll get a better one soon.

Armed with my work schedule for next week, I headed out to get some lunch.  There are a million places to get good food in the market.  I couldn’t decide, so I ended up with… a hot dog… (It was a good hot dog!) from Taxi Dog.  Next time I get lunch in the market, I think I’ll go for something a bit more exotic, perhaps from one of the fresh fruit and veggie venders there.

As I was walking by one of the venders, a nice-looking man offered me a slice of orange.  (They give samples like that all the time, cutting slices off of an apple or pear and handing them out to random people.)  Well, this guy smiled and asked if I would like a slice of orange.  I said, “Sure” and I took a slice.  As I was taking a bite, he said, “It’s as sweet as a first kiss without that awkward feeling afterward.”  I giggled at this of course and said, “Thank you! It is!”  He was cute…  I could get used to that.

There’s some renovation going on in the market.  A number of the shops were boarded up.  No worries though, signs say they’ll be back Feb 4th.  I hope so!  I want to see them throwing fish!  (I did see a Starbucks partner throw a cup today though!)

I took my lunch down to the park and sat at a table munching away while watching the ferry boats come in and out of the dock. (I don’t know if that’s how you say it, but that’s what they were doing.)  Also, there were two adorable, little girls running around the grassy area, chasing fat pigeons.  It looked like a fun game.  I might have joined them if I was 4…

The park by the market

Lunch with a view

After lunch, I went to the library.  The downtown Seattle Public Library is amazing!  (Although, it does smell of old books – awesome – and body odor – not so awesome – from the homeless people that hang out there.  There are actually rules about how much area your personal belongings can take up when you are in the library.  I’m assuming that’s to keep the homeless people from bringing everything they own inside and camping out for a long time.)

Now THAT is a library!

The building itself is cavernous, with an entire ceiling of diamond-shaped skylights, which is brilliant!

Best place to study. EVER!

I can’t wait to be in there during a rainstorm.  From the ground floor, you can take two long, lime green escalators up to the top floor.  As you ride up, you see floors and floors of books.


I couldn’t figure out how people got down to those floors as there was no way off the escalator.  When I got to the top, I figured it out though.  There’s a series of ramps and stairs that lead down to each floor.  It’s really odd and strangely complicated.  I’ll definitely be going back to wander the stacks (once I have an address and can get a library card)!

After the library, I hopped on a bus and headed up to the University District to have coffee, at a place called Trabant, Coffee and Chai, with my good friends Nathan and Letitia.  (I had a spicy chai. Delish!)  Before my friends arrived and while I was standing in line, the barista asked if I was related to the gentleman standing next to me. The two of us looked at each other.  I said, “No.” He said, “Not even a little bit.”  I could see how they might think that.  We both have curly, dark hair…  At that point, it was just a little awkward, so I held out my hand and introduced myself.  He was very nice and said his name was Elliot (which is a very nice name!). The barista seemed quite pleased with himself and said, “Ooo, matchmaking in Trabants!”  Elliot revealed at this point that he was actually there on a blind date. Oh well… But man! Nothing in KC for years and I’ve talked to three guys in one day here!

The coffee date with friends was great as well.  They’ve been in Seattle for two years now, and they love it!  I’m excited to have friends with insider knowledge, so that I can pick their brains about stuff.

A bus and a train back to the hotel after that, and Denny’s for dinner with the roomie.  All in all, a really nice day.



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6 responses to “Wandering on a Sunday…

  1. spasticnontastic

    Love it!! So many people in one day! And…those escalators….OH SNAP! Me likey the limey! =)

    I hope you have many days like this =)

  2. Joseph said “Wook at that GREEN EXCAVATOR!”

  3. Alesa

    I want to go to that library so badly! The city seems to have a lot of peaceful spots that you can choose from to make your own. :)

  4. Alesa

    *bad. I want to go to that library so bad.

  5. LOVE the library. I saw pics a friend took when she was visiting Seattle. I’m pretty sure they were of the skylights in the ceiling. I HAVE to go there if/when we come visit you. Don’t let me forget. :)

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