Week One – Discoveries

Things I have learned about Seattle/Ballard in the first week of living here:

1. Buses are always early when you are running late.

2. Buses are always late when you are running early.

3. If you can walk there, do it… Unless of course you are buying large items. Then you should probably drive.

4. Ballard is a great little neighborhood!

5. Cupcake Royale is delish… but also the devil.

6. Hi Life is great for $5.55 breakfast and meeting new friends. (New friends aren’t on the menu, however.) Also, it’s in an old firehouse, so the building is awesome!

7. There are at least 3 discount/thrift shops in the main shopping area. (This may end up being the devil later… As I have no money to spend, currently, they are a fun diversion.)

8. Fred Meyer is grocery/Target/Home Depot all-in-one… and on crack!

9. Mr. Gyro is delish.

10. THERE’S A BEACH NEARBY! (Which I have not seen yet, but Amy has explored a bit. She says it’s lovely!)

11. The Pike Place Market Starbucks is really fun, and really busy! Eesh! It’s cool to talk to so many people from all over the world though. Lots of people from Japan, China, Korea, etc.  Also have met a few Aussies and at least one Scot, who lives in Vancouver.

12. The food in the Market is great! (Yep, the devil again.)

13. Dressing for the weather is somewhat difficult here… Winter coats are often too warm. Light jackets are usually too cold. I’m not used to this in-between type weather.

14. In Seattle everything is artsy looking.  If there’s an open area available, someone will fill it with something pretty and/or cool.  Sculptures under bridges, murals on walls, etc.  Totally my kind of place!

15. Feeding the birds is kinda cool, except then they won’t leave you alone. (I didn’t experience this. I’ve just seen and heard some things.)

16. The big mountain (Mt. Ranier) likes to hide in the winter.  But the Olympics like to come out and play all the time!

17. Sharing a twin-sized air mattress with two small dogs is a challenge.  You pretty much have to demand space.

18. Seattle is a bit like KC in that people don’t seem to like to have to cross the water to do anything.  In Seattle it’s Lake Union or Lake Washington. In KC, it’s the Missouri River.

19. I really don’t know what this Seattle Freeze is all about. Everyone has been really great!

20. This really is a nifty place.  I’m so excited to be here!




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3 responses to “Week One – Discoveries

  1. Jessica

    Sounds amazing chica!!!

  2. The artsy factor sounds super cool. I want to go there sometime!

    Oh, and I demand pictures of the beach — soon! So get your little bum over there! :)

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