sick in seattle

First Tanya was sick. Now I am sick.

Lame. Lame. Lame.



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8 responses to “sick in seattle

  1. Martha

    I’m sick too but I’m in KC:(

  2. thesilentcritic

    Oliver is sick again! It’s the contagious viral GI kind. I hope I don’t join the group.

  3. spasticnontastic

    Lame! Get better all!

  4. John Ropchock

    Dear Ames,
    I have noticed from the Pants blog that you were not feeling well. Some people are more susceptible to colds, flu, and stomach weirdness in the climate you have moved into. Here in Memphis we also have a winter condition that is similiar to Seattle – a chill that really is uncomfortable and drags you down.

    When my First Tennessee co-worker friend Svetlana was feeding me everyday – we ate Red Caviar and a little creme cheese spread on 9 grain bread almost everyday. She said it was healthy and because I ate quite a bit of it when I was in Seattle – I found it to be a nice treat. After investigation, I learned just how good it was for me.

    Based on this I have a suggestion –

    In Bellview there is a store where Svetlana’s friend Celia got all this Caviar for us. It is called Awers –

    I cut this from the Awers website for you to read –
    Salmon caviar is a seafood delicacy; however, it is more than just a fancy treat for special occasions. Caviar makes an elegant garnish and enhances the flavors of other food while having the added bonus of being healthy. Fish roe is intended by nature to create and nourish new life. It is amazing that from such a tiny egg, a mighty salmon will emerge. The nutrients that are essential to the survival and growth of our bodies are found in high quantities in caviar. It contains a large number of minerals, and vitamins A, C and D. Caviar does not contain trans fats or any carbohydrates, which sets it apart from many foods in the modern diet. Thirty percent of salmon caviar is protein; this protein contains Omega-3 fatty acids which promote eye health, cardiovascular health, brain function, immune system well-being, and for lowering the risk of breast, colon, and prostate cancer as well as providing protection from heart attack and stroke. Caviar has been recommended to patients recovering from serious surgery and chemotherapy because it supports healing thanks to its high hemoglobin content. With plentiful nutrients and an abundance of health benefits, it’s clear to see how good for us caviar is.

    Bottom line – it is really good for you. They have a ‘spread’ that is not all that expensive. Check it out. All their products are kosher and are the best you can get. Their Black Caviar is a little sharp – but I prefer and can afford the red.

    Check it out and tell me what you think,
    Uncle John

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