How to fix a futon in 3 hrs… or 30 minutes…

Step #1 – Find a broken futon that is worth fixing.

It had potential, so I figured it was worth a shot.

Step #2 – Get your friendly building manager to lend you some tools.

I could tell he was surprised that I knew how to use them...

... especially this one. ;)

Step #3 – Go to the hardware store and get wood, paint and a paint brush. That guy seemed amused by me as well.

What can I say? I'm a girl who knows what she wants.

Step #4 – Go to the Fred Meyer nearby and waste a good hour wandering around picking out seeds and a seedling greenhouse.

Veggies AND Flowers... Probably gonna need to call Aunt Mary for some tips.

Step #5 – Get down to business.

Assess the situation.

Measure and cut.




Good as new!



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14 responses to “How to fix a futon in 3 hrs… or 30 minutes…

  1. spasticnontastic

    Wooooty Toooooty! Go Girl! =)

  2. Martha

    Now sit on it!

  3. Uncle John

    Nice job but what does seeds have to do with fixing the futon fame???

  4. John Ropchock

    While you had the tools I hope you reinforced the other side also. Good job no more air mattress.

  5. Alesa

    I don’t think it’s ugly! And it’s a perfect place for me to sleep when I come visit :D

  6. Oh, we’re not quite that high tech yet. :)

  7. Uncle John

    I really like this post – You did a good blog job.

  8. Dude! Can you fix my big-ass chair? Cal jumped in it. CRACK.

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