well hellooooo, puget pants

I’ve been such a neglectful blogger this past year and a half. I’m terribly sorry.

You see. Something happened once we got a little settled into our new lives here in Seattle.


Life happened.

Jobs. Dramas. Boys. Sicknesses. Adventures. Friends. Enemies. Buddhists.

Tanya and I have been living, in all the ups and downs of it. Seattle is home now, for me. It is so completely home. I feel like I’ve been here forever. Has it only been two years? What a full, eventful two years it has been. They’ve been good. They’ve been bad. They’ve been all over the map. I wouldn’t trade any of it. Well, most of it, anyway.

When I go out, I run into people I know.
When I go to coffee shops, they know my drink.
I have friends. So many good friends.
I know this city well. I don’t get lost anymore. I feel like I’ve always been here.

What a fabulous two years it has been. My life has completely changed. The people I’ve met have influenced me, loved me, hated me, accepted me, rejected me. The experiences I’ve had have shaped me, pushed me, scared me, emboldened me.

I love this city.

(And can I just say, glancing back at the pictures of our apartment when we first moved in was shocking. This place is lived in these days. We’ve outgrown it. It may be time for a change soon. It’s looking like 2013 is going to bring some unknowns to us.)


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  1. Anonymous

    It’s okay I haven’t blogged in a year!

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