Why the heck would anyone name a blog “Puget Pants?”  Well… We couldn’t come up with anything for a long time.  It needed to be something Seattle…y…  We tossed around deep philosophical titles like “Embarking from Provenance.” Then we moved to simpler ideas like “A Step Away” or “Side B.”  Then we got really crazy and tried to combine both of those ideas into “Side B: Leaving One Provenance To Find Another.”

Ultimately, we decided that it needed to be catchy… and while we enjoy philosophical contemplation, our blog needed to be simple, fun, and at times, a little bit campy (because we are a little bit campy).

Finally, Ames had the random idea of “Puget Pants” and immediately tossed it aside thinking that it was just too silly.  I (being the campier one) LOVED the idea.  I suggested that our Seattle adventures would involve putting on our “Puget Pants” and going out to experience our new home!  As campiness is often contagious, Ames agreed that we should keep the name.

So, here you will find the contemplations and adventures of two Midwestern girls in the Northwest.  We’re putting on our Puget Pants and looking for delicious food, interesting culture, glorious landscapes, and quiet peaceful afternoons with the rain drops running down the window.


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