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well hellooooo, puget pants

I’ve been such a neglectful blogger this past year and a half. I’m terribly sorry.

You see. Something happened once we got a little settled into our new lives here in Seattle.


Life happened.

Jobs. Dramas. Boys. Sicknesses. Adventures. Friends. Enemies. Buddhists.

Tanya and I have been living, in all the ups and downs of it. Seattle is home now, for me. It is so completely home. I feel like I’ve been here forever. Has it only been two years? What a full, eventful two years it has been. They’ve been good. They’ve been bad. They’ve been all over the map. I wouldn’t trade any of it. Well, most of it, anyway.

When I go out, I run into people I know.
When I go to coffee shops, they know my drink.
I have friends. So many good friends.
I know this city well. I don’t get lost anymore. I feel like I’ve always been here.

What a fabulous two years it has been. My life has completely changed. The people I’ve met have influenced me, loved me, hated me, accepted me, rejected me. The experiences I’ve had have shaped me, pushed me, scared me, emboldened me.

I love this city.

(And can I just say, glancing back at the pictures of our apartment when we first moved in was shocking. This place is lived in these days. We’ve outgrown it. It may be time for a change soon. It’s looking like 2013 is going to bring some unknowns to us.)


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sick in seattle

First Tanya was sick. Now I am sick.

Lame. Lame. Lame.


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it started off with green shoes

hurry up, spring!

Actually, it started off with a towel.

Actually, no, backtrack some more, it started off with some books.

Well, really, it goes all the way back to some phone calls.

See – thing is, I’ve gotten three phone calls in three days from agencies interested in me. I’ve got two meetings next week with two of them, and I’ve got an in with the third. That guy gave me a design project to do and said to give him a call when I’ve done it and he’ll get me pretty much the coolest job ever. Huzzah! One of the meetings I’m going to, however, they already sent me the paperwork to sign me up with them and gave me instructions on what to do to get ready for the first job they’ll (hopefully) send my way. It’s all up in the air, but things are definitely promising.

What’s a girl to do?! I had to go shopping!

First of all, I need to buy every book on the market to work on this big design project I’ve been asked to do. I would be the stupidest girl in the northwest if I passed up this opportunity. Even if I don’t end up getting the coolest job ever out of doing this project, I’ll still be learning some incredibly valuable design lessons that I really should already be digging my way into. It’s basically an extension of my masters degree. I think it’s a test. I’m going to pass this test. Just you wait.

So to the bookstore I went! It’s slightly ironic that this bookstore happens to be my former place of employ, and I have the applications all filled out and ready to go should I run out of monies and need a job stat – this place is at the top of that list. The suckerific thing, however, is that I don’t get my 50% discount anymore. Lame. But I am armed with a load of 15% off coupons (a parting gift, if you will). I got my books and decided to walk home. (I had taken the bus to get there, but I knew it was only an hours walk to get back home.)

I loved the walk home. It was not boring at all. Wallingford? You’re awesome. I was also feeling nostalgic after being in that bookstore, so I decided to prank call the store I worked in. Problem is, the woman who answered the phone I would never play a joke on in a million years. I just love her way too much. So I sighed and gabbed instead. The phone was handed off from person to person until my cell died mid conversation. It was lovely.

Well, I had to walk by Ballard Goodwill to get home, so I decided to stop in for some cheap towels. See, it’s really wet in Washington. Like, really, really wet. I can not keep my window or my window pane or my window sill dry. It drips and pools and spills over with water. My solution was to get cheap towels at goodwill, roll them up, and stick them in the sill to catch the water before it gets out of hand. Good call, Ames. I think it’s gonna work.

But while I was there, I saw the CUTEST GREEN SHOES EVER (see photo). Last summer, I spent weeks looking for cute wedges and I never found any I liked, nor any that were less than 40 or 50 bucks. Totally lame. But then I see these cute green shoes at goodwill and I grabbed them. They were even my size! However, they were ten bucks. Sigh. I can’t drop ten bucks on cute shoes, no matter how much of a great find they are. I need to conserve the money until I get the income confirmed. But they were sooooo cute! Ugh! I decided to hold on to them while I walked around the store.

After about twenty minutes, I noticed a sign that said all blue tags are 50% off this weekend. I squeezed my eyes shut tight and wished a very quick wish that my shoes had a blue tag… then I peaked inside and. YES! BLUE! FIVE BUCKS! Done deal. I was buying them. Now I just need spring to hurry up and get here so I can wear them!

It's a bag! A cheap bag! A perfect bag!

Since I found such a great deal on shoes, I decided to go have a looksee at the clothes. I found a couple shirts, and one of them is absolutely wonderfully perfect to wear to one of these job meeting things I’ve got next week. And then! THEN! I found a black computer bag/purse! I mean.. good lord! Is it a sign?! All these things I need and they’re here and they’re perfect! I ramble. But.. but, I’m a girl and I found cute things for super cheap at goodwill! I was planning on going downtown on Sunday to buy these things. I would have easily spent 100 bucks or more trying to get a few nice things for the interviews.

I think I did pretty great at goodwill. I love Ballard goodwill. Love. Love. Love.

I apologize for this post being pointless and rambley and all about shopping. I can’t help myself.


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birds of a feather flock to fremont

My lovely darling baby sister who lives in Portland and who I have seen so very rarely and hardly even at all in the last four years had the last minute didn’t even know it was going to happen opportunity to come to Seattle for a day. So, of course, I told her she had to come.

We barely even had 24 hours together, but we made sure every one of them counted. This trip included such sisterly things as eating cold macaroni and cheese and cold chicken strips (bought from the 24 hour Safeway down the street) at 2 in the morning while sitting outside in front of our apartment’s front door (so as not to wake Tanya while we whispered long into the night), wandering around Capitol Hill and downtown Seattle getting hit on  (“Can I get witch you?”) and bummed off of by interesting characters (“Happy new year, girls! Can I have five dollars?”), telling each other our deepest darkest secrets, missing buses because of erroneous bus schedules, hopping wrong buses because of completely absentee buses (I have a big issue with the frequency and reliability of Seattle transit, but I digress), and then wandering all over Ballard and Fremont to see statue-like-things and spend more time together while we still had some left.

We saw a rocket:

a rocket

We saw a drawbridge in action:

vertical street

We waited for the interurban too:

Jugg Life

We watched tv:

sister vision

There were clowns:


And bridges:

Aurora Bridge

And trolls:

Fremont Troll

Oh my.

The funny thing about the Fremont Troll is I first learned about it back in my architecture school days when one of the guys who created the troll came and guest lectured a design build studio I was in for a week. I guess he was buds with my professor. I don’t really remember. He mentioned this troll of his, I remember thinking, “Cool.” And never did I realize that some day I would live a couple miles away from it. The road of life, huh.

I think they're making eyes at each other.

Howdy, Lenin:


Then we went to the beach. I love the beach.

again with the beach

no shortage of beach pictures, ever

beach beach beach

We were happy to practice random acts of cupcakery.

cup.cake. period.

At some point in the day, Melissa mentioned burgers. Four hours later, we were still salivating over the thought of eating burgers. It only took us a few seconds to track down a burger joint. It actually said that on the window: A Burger Joint. We went in.

a burger joint

Best. Burgers. Ever.

I'll take four more please.

I’m going to eat here every day and become a gross greasy slob, but I’ll be a happy one who eats these burgers every day. I won’t really do that. But you eat one of these burgers and you consider that option.

Sadly my sister had to leave shortly after that, but she left her hot sauce in the fridge. I’ll think of her fondly every time I see it.


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Grocery Outlet? My new best friend. I spent 24 dollars there today, and I walked away with over 50 dollars worth of name brand goods. I feel like a thief. I got two coffee mugs (I live in Seattle now, I must have mugs) for .99 each. There’s nothing wrong with them. In fact, they’re awfully cute.

coffee requires mugs

I also got a bag of Seattle’s Best ground coffee for 4.99. You know what I’m talking about – that coffee that costs no less than 10 dollars in a regular grocery store. There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with this coffee either. It just happens to be ridiculously cheap. (Side note: I know, I know, Tanya gets free coffee every week and I’m welcome to help myself to her free Bux goods, and I will, but I also want to buy my own Seattle coffee once in awhile too and feel like a proper grown up.)

First thing I did when I got home? I brewed up some of that coffee in my free coffee maker a friend gave to me. Score. I then put it in one of my new .99 mugs. Delicious. Cheap. Double score.

I also got two zucchini for one buck. I was going to buy zucchini last night at a regular grocery store but they were asking 2.49 a pound and it was all beat up zucchini. I love my zucchini. I love my zucchini to not be beat up and over priced. So I passed on that zucchini and found perfectly good zucchini at GO for a buck. I bought it. And I bought some Paul Newman’s pasta sauce for 1.49.

I also got a snickers bar (it was .50! I haven’t seen a candy bar so cheap since I was 10 years old!), some Ben and Jerry’s, lots of pasta and tortilla chips and canned goods and salsa and Sabra Hummus and can you see why I’m thrilled I only spent 24 bucks? The Sabra alone would cost 5 or 6 bucks in another store. I can’t complain. I do sort of wish the store was about ten blocks closer to home, but really, walking 20 blocks to save 25 bucks is well worth it. Okay, make that 23 blocks. I timed myself. It took 20 minutes to get there (uphill) and 15 to get home (downhill and carrying three bags of groceries.) I’ll definitely be going back and going back often. And I know I’ll be burning off a good chunk of the calories I’ll be consuming when I see more great deals like 1.50 Ben and Jerry’s. Oh yeah.

A few days ago, a friend gave me a spaghetti squash (or two) from his garden, so I’m cooking myself up dinner right now. I’m using the Paul Newman’s and the zucchini I bought today for the sauce (plus some leftover onion and garlic and a bit of olive oil).

chunky, vegetably, awesome sauce

I spent a whopping 2.49 on this meal, and that’s actually not even entirely accurate because I only used 1/5 of the pasta sauce (although we’ll be generous and assume that the garlic, onion and olive oil make up for that cost a bit.)


And to think I’ll have leftovers. What a great healthy cheap meal.

I love today!

I do wish I had a desk or a table to sit at though while I type this blog post. Oh well. Soon enough. Soon enough.


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4:41 am

Dear Tanya,

I admire your ability to sleep through the noise of the [even more than usual] incessantly running toilet.



P.S. I think I fixed it.


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a walk around ballard

I decided with no plans for a lovely (but chilly) Sunday, I should have a walk around Ballard. I didn’t take many pictures, but the entire walk was pretty fabulous (and 11 miles long, by the end of it.)

This is the beach in our neighborhood, only about a 45 minute walk from home.

the beach

Puget Sound

Sailboats, Bainbridge Island

It was a windy day. I should have worn a hat.


I found myself walking along the ship canal as I headed to Fremont Market.

ship canal

I stopped taking pictures after this because I was too busy perusing the market.

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