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Day to day to day…

Nothing much to talk about. Life is settling in and I’m seeking out routine. So here are some random pictures of various items of interest from the past couple weeks.

This is the theatre I work for... That mural was painted after a fire last year. The new offices will be built where the mural is now.

Yeah... It rains a lot here...

Did I just blow your mind? Thought so...

Senor Moose... This is a "mole". The sauce on the meat is made with cocoa. Really good!

Senor Moose!

Current Obsession/Spending reduction plan... Watching dvds doesn't cost monies.

So far in Seattle, I've experienced sun, rain, clouds, fog, snow, sleet, and sun again... practically all in one day!

I designed that! Pretty, huh? :)

And then there were three!

I've become infatuated with original pottery! Look how beautiful they are!

I FINALLY picked up some flowers in the market. This is a bouquet of dried flowers. So pretty!


That about sums up the goings on in my life right now… Stay tuned!



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sick in seattle

First Tanya was sick. Now I am sick.

Lame. Lame. Lame.


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4:41 am

Dear Tanya,

I admire your ability to sleep through the noise of the [even more than usual] incessantly running toilet.



P.S. I think I fixed it.


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Amy: This says we need to take the airport exit.
Tanya: Which is right there.
Amy: Okay.
Tanya: But we need 518, right?
Amy: Yeah, which is with the airport exit, according to the directions.
Tanya and Amy (as they pass 518 because of inconsistent signage): WAIT! There’s 518!
Tanya: We did it again.
Amy: Just get off at the next exit.
Tanya: This says we’re going to the airport.
Amy: Surely there’s an exit.
Tanya: SHIT! We’re going to the airport.
Amy: Ummm.
Tanya: SHIT! SHIT! What kind of an airport doesn’t let you leave?
Amy: Wait… that was an exit! That was the street we needed!
Tanya: There were no signs until it was too late! SHIT!
Amy: Car rental returns to the right. Parking to the left.
Tanya: Looks like we’re parking. I’ll just have to beg and plead with them not to charge us.
Cashier: Swipe-
Tanya: Right. So.
Cashier: Swipe your ticket.
Tanya: The thing is, we didn’t actually park.
Cashier: Swipe your ticket please.
Tanya: Okay, but…
Cashier: Don’t worry about it; you can go.
Tanya: Thank you!

Makes you wonder how many people every day end up in the airport parking garage when just trying to get onto WA-518. Jeez.

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