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To Hiatus and Back Again

The last post on this blog was over two months ago…

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Ames and I have been in hibernation/getting settled mode for a bit.  It’s not that we haven’t been busy.  We’ve done things together and separately.  We just needed time to let some things become familiar and stop trying to make an adventure out of everything.  Adventures are great, but sometimes you just need to find things that make you comfortable. (For me that has involved watching waaaay more television than I have ever consumed in such a short period of time… I’m choosing not to judge myself over this, and I’m calling it my recuperation from the past five years or so of non-stop activity and achievement.)

There have been some fun and exciting things happening though:

Got a bed and a desk.

Here's the bed... don't have a picture of the desk right now.

Job is going great!

A view of my desk at work... Of course that isn't a cookie!

I’ve even started walking to work sometimes.

I see lots of VW bugs here... As well as just red cars in general...

Went to the Skaggit County Tulip Festival. It was absolutely gorgeous! (More about this later)

Proof that we were there

Have been auditioning fairly regularly for theatres… a couple each month it seems. (No pictures of this.)

Am in a book club. I’ve rarely had the books finished before we meet, but it’s very fun!

Planted an herb garden.

They've grown a bit more since this picture.

Got to go home and see my sister graduate from college and play with my awesome nephews!

Zeke and James

Had a lovely first birthday in Seattle, involving cupcakes, a wind chime, and lots of movies with friends!


Love it!

And the weather has finally warmed up on a regular basis… It’s June and we’re finally getting 60-70 degree weather. (I tell you what, it’s not so bad, but the expectation of what June should feel like is the weird thing.) I still do not have a proper jacket for this climate, but that’s on the list.

Got Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook and have done some fun cooking out of it. Say what you will about GP and her “perfect life”, but I like her!  The recipes are more gourmet, but also really simple.

Slow Roasted Tomatoes

Getting new shoes this week!  REALLY excited about that!

Still haven’t gotten a table or comfy living room furniture, but it’s garage sale season… Note to self: Go garage sale-ing next weekend.

Found the lighthouse at Discovery Park! (more about this later)

There it is!

Done a bit of wandering through some neighborhoods nearby (Saw the Fremont Troll) and exploring Ballard a bit.

That's a real VW Bug... See, they are everywhere here!

A used book store in Fremont. Note the book titles next to the chicken.

Also, I lost my Blackberry on the plane back from Kansas City and I got an iPhone. (Hence all the hipstamatic pics)

Making a life in a new place is kinda hard, but it’s good… Mostly it just takes time.  More to come!  Ames and I are planning some new adventures soon!


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Dinner Parties and New Friends

This evening was the first of (hopefully) many dinners with friends in our new home.  Two friends from work came home with me and had take-out with us.  They surprised us with the loveliest gift of blessings on our home!  I nearly cried when they presented it.

One read this aloud as the other presented the gift.

It's too pretty to take apart and use any of it!

Thanks so much to these wonderful new (and quickly becoming “dear”) friends!


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Culture Shock (Or… The day Google forgot to Doodle!

Okay, I took a much-needed day off today, and it just so happened to be St. Patrick’s day.  I was mildly excited about this fact.  I say mildly, because I’m from Kansas City, where St. Patrick’s Day is probably the biggest holiday next to Christmas. EVERY restaurant in town will have a St. Patty’s day special with corned beef and cabbage.

It’s not uncommon to have folks take the day off work and head down to Westport and watch the parade (And drink inordinate amounts of green beer and whiskey).  Everyone dresses in green and pretends to be Irish, even if they’re not.  The term “Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!” probably started in KC.  We practice that mantra with great, fake-Irish pride (As well as a lot of authentic Irish pride)! The Irish community in KC is pretty active.

So, imagine my shock and wonder when I woke up on St. Patrick’s day in Seattle and saw no festivities taking place in my neighborhood (Ballard).  I was determined to find some corned beef and cabbage, but the best I could get in our neck of the woods was corned beef hash with my eggs.  Everyone was nonchalantly walking around in brown, navy, red even!  It felt like the twilight zone.

Google didn’t even have a St. Patrick’s Day doodle for us!  I looked at two different calendars to see if I was just smoking crack. Our server at the restaurant sort of nodded to the fact that we were wearing green and said, “Happy St. Patty’s Day… or St. Patrick’s Day… or whatever.”  I couldn’t believe the lack of enthusiasm.  It was negative enthusiasm!  It was de-thusiasm.

The funny thing is, in KC, I’m not one of the paint my face, dye my hair, wear a shamrock antlers and green and white striped knee socks Irish enthusiasts.  In fact, I’m one of the wear green and smile at the freaky people and go about my business sort of people. I have generally preferred the Irish contact high as opposed to smoking it myself.  (I did work in Westport one year during St. Patrick’s Day… Whoa… That’s all I can say… Whoa…)

After experiencing this utter lack of Irish on this great holiday in this mostly Norwegian town, I may have to invest in a green wig and some ridiculously huge shamrock glasses!!!

Here's to you, Ballard!


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How to fix a futon in 3 hrs… or 30 minutes…

Step #1 – Find a broken futon that is worth fixing.

It had potential, so I figured it was worth a shot.

Step #2 – Get your friendly building manager to lend you some tools.

I could tell he was surprised that I knew how to use them...

... especially this one. ;)

Step #3 – Go to the hardware store and get wood, paint and a paint brush. That guy seemed amused by me as well.

What can I say? I'm a girl who knows what she wants.

Step #4 – Go to the Fred Meyer nearby and waste a good hour wandering around picking out seeds and a seedling greenhouse.

Veggies AND Flowers... Probably gonna need to call Aunt Mary for some tips.

Step #5 – Get down to business.

Assess the situation.

Measure and cut.




Good as new!


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Day to day to day…

Nothing much to talk about. Life is settling in and I’m seeking out routine. So here are some random pictures of various items of interest from the past couple weeks.

This is the theatre I work for... That mural was painted after a fire last year. The new offices will be built where the mural is now.

Yeah... It rains a lot here...

Did I just blow your mind? Thought so...

Senor Moose... This is a "mole". The sauce on the meat is made with cocoa. Really good!

Senor Moose!

Current Obsession/Spending reduction plan... Watching dvds doesn't cost monies.

So far in Seattle, I've experienced sun, rain, clouds, fog, snow, sleet, and sun again... practically all in one day!

I designed that! Pretty, huh? :)

And then there were three!

I've become infatuated with original pottery! Look how beautiful they are!

I FINALLY picked up some flowers in the market. This is a bouquet of dried flowers. So pretty!


That about sums up the goings on in my life right now… Stay tuned!


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Yesterday, all of Seattle was on high alert for a snowpocalypse!  And here it is!!!

Who spilled the powdered sugar?


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Things I get to see…

I’ve been very blessed to get to see the things I get to see every day.  Some are simple.  Some are mighty.  All make my heart happy…

There are buskers that sing and play music all day in the Market.  Here’s one group that I especially like:

Growing up in Missouri, I didn’t get to see these things very often:

the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound

Mt. Ranier... It's an active volcano... Kinda freaky...

The neighborhood that I live in has artwork everywhere, and they definitely aren’t afraid of color… or a little of the bizarre.

Murals like this are all over the place here!

They like to re-purpose old buildings here… Instead of tearing them down all the time.

The Big House - a private residence

See... bizarre... and yet, strangely appealing...

The people here think that it’s been really cold… and yet they can still sell these outside the store in January and February.

Clearly, they have no concept of "cold".

Apparently, they’re ready to plant all year ’round!

I really wanted to buy some!

The thing that I was worried that I would miss the most about Kansas City was the glorious sunsets that we have there.  Fortunately, they get some great ones here too!

The view from Greenwood, the neighborhood where I work.

And while the Nelson in KC will always be a favorite there…

Golden Gardens Beach

I’m starting to find some favorites here as well.


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